Saturday, February 14, 2009

Restless and Moving

In just under one month, this blog, my first, will reach its third anniversary. I began by making fun of my age:

I am trying to get comfortable with saying f-f-fifty f-f … (this is the only time I stutter).

Like many boomers my age, I don’t look, act or feel like I’m (the number would go here if I were to say it). The few co-workers who know the number can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.

I had just begun a radio show interview segment called Boomer Talk and decided to try my hand at writing observations about being a fifty-something baby boomer.

What does it mean to be a baby boomer?

The technical answer, according to demographers, is that to be a boomer means you were born between 1946 and 1964. That’s it. No application form, no dues, no initiation ceremony. Just a 4-digit number on your birth certificate.

But dig deeper and you realize it means a whole lot more. We rule the world. There are about 85 million of us in the United States alone. We’re the big bulge on the demographic charts, the folks with the money and the power (Clinton and Bush were both born in 1946), the generation that changed the world. We fought racism, sexism and now ageism. We married later and more often. We’re living longer and healthier lives than our parents did. We were and are idealistic dreamers who lived out our dreams.

And in that first post, I also asked and answered this question:

So what is the point of this blog?

Hell if I know. As I grow older, I have a greater need to communicate than I did at a younger age. This mostly one-way style suits me fine. I welcome feedback and an exchange of ideas, but I’ll be happy if I’m the only reader of this material.

I did get feedback (thank you), made a few new internet friends (nice to meet you) and I have more than one regular reader (12 maybe? – thanks again).

But I’m feeling a little restless with a few parts of my life and I’m ready to make some changes. This blog, however, is the only change I can afford to make right now. Instead of just freshening it, I decided to end it and move on to a different design and a somewhat different focus.

So please join me on Boomer Randomness, my new blog. It’ll be a little more random, a little less about being over 50.

I’ll leave this one up as long as Blogger will let me, but I invite you (beg you) to drop by my new place on the internet.

Take care. See ya soon.


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