Thursday, December 11, 2008

Temporary Writer's Block

I've been busier than usual at work and at home and paying more attention to my photo blogs than this one. Basically, my brain is a little tapped out this month, so I have had little to say.

But I'm still here, still alive and well. Thanks for asking.

Check back again soon. I know my creative spark is around here somewhere.


Unconventional Life said...

Did you leave it under all the Christmas wrap? Or the mountain of paper at work? This is a tough time of year to concentrate on one thing when so many are demanding your attention. My thoughts are scattered and none cohesive enough to write down. BTW, we'll be up around 27-30 sometime. I'll followup later in email. Merry Christmas!

Merelyme said...

Hey...I completely understand. This is such a busy time of year...just relax and take some time for yourself. Your fans will all still be here when you return.