Friday, January 16, 2009

Inauguration Fever

It is so cold in Washington DC and the surrounding areas tonight that a little fever might be welcomed.

Crowds are arriving and streets are closing. Local transportation systems and law enforcement personnel are at the ready.

A record-setting amount of people are expected to descend on the region and people around here are either trying to find ways to stay away on inauguration day or to get right into the middle of it all. At first I was in the ‘middle of it all’ camp because it really is a thrilling experience to see the ceremony surrounding a smooth transition of power in a great country. And I have a little bit of media access with my job that would give me a tiny edge on exactly where I would be.

But now I think I’d prefer to watch the Oath of Office and President Obama’s inaugural address on television from the comfort of my warm radio station.

I do plan to go into DC with my camera on Saturday to take a few pre-inaugural photos. I’ll post some of them soon.

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